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What began as a creative outlet has grown into my passion. I believe in the premise of Home Made Modern: that the little things in life matter, and that if even just a little creativity and inspiration creeps into the everyday tasks I have to accomplish, my family will feel special, and I'll retain a sense of my own individuality and style.

Home Made Modern is not JUST a DIY blog, or a cooking blog, or a craft blog. It is all of those things, yes, but more importantly, it is about accomplishing the tasks inherent to being a stay-at-home mom with a little panache, all within the confines of nap times and carpool, of course.

I live in the real world right along with you, so there isn't a single project idea or recipe that will take a lot of time or money. In fact, each of the projects I personally create or execute are given a nap rating:
1 nap = 1 hour to complete
2 naps = 2 hours to complete...and so on.
The projects and recipes are also fairly simple. I don't consider myself an especially skilled DIYer or master chef by any means. If anything, I'm impatient and a little too easily satisfied with things that aren't "perfect." Therefore, it has to be pretty simple by MY standards for me to present it to you. And if there's any way for kiddos to be involved, whether it's sitting on the counter helping to stir some cookie batter, or collecting leaves for a fall craft, you can bet I'm going to mention it. I think it's really important to bring our kids into my creative process. It stimulates their little senses, gives them a chance to grow and learn, and of course, allows me to spend time with them while doing something else I love.

Some other features of HMM:
  • Handpicked by HMM--merchandise I find online that is perfect (IMO) for a specified occasion
  • Retail Therapy Thursday--merchandise found in stores while out and about at my favorite haunts like HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Target and World Market.
  • Copycat Crafting--crafts I've attempted myself after seeing them on another blog or on Pinterest.
Thanks for visiting...I hope you find a little bit of inspiration here!

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