Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Copycat Craft: No-Mess DIY Glittered Bulbs

Greetings, all! When I left you yesterday, I was feeling overwhelmed and under-motivated, but lo and behold, I got quite a bit done! Some online Christmas shopping, Christmas boxes unpacked and back in the basement, and even some laundry and a decent dinner for the fam. I still have a tree without a skirt, and my mantel and entryway are only 75% done, but hey! Today is another day.

Today I'm sharing with you a craft my friend Lisa and I did together. Have you seen the no-mess glittered bulbs touted on Pinterest? The ones that use wood floor cleaner? I pinned a tutorial by Greenbean's Crafterole (don't ya love that name?), thinking it might be too good to be true, but I'm here to say...SUCCESS! Here's my review of the tutorial.

No-Mess DIY Glittered Bulbs by Greenbean Crafterole

Nap Rating = 1 nap for 10-12 ornaments, depending on fast you work

Skill Level = Beginner

Cost = I would like to point out, in the interest of economy, that it only makes sense to make these if you have clear bulbs that you'd like to change, or if you can't find bulbs in the color you want. If you just want some red bulbs, it'd be cheaper just to buy them rather than buy the clear ones, the glitter, AND the floor cleaner. I actually already had about 16 clear bulbs that just weren't doing anything for our tree. I wanted to add a lot of color this year, so this worked perfectly. Lisa had the floor cleaner...here's a picture of the brand we used.

So all I had to buy was the glitter, which was about $5 total. Totally worth the price for 16 new-to-me ornaments.

Instructions = Awesome! It's funny, I had read through this tutorial quickly and figured I had the gist. By the time I got around to doing this with Lisa, I had forgotten some of the details, like not to shake the floor cleaner in the bulb, and to use a cotton swab for clearing out any errant foam. Through trial and error, we figured out all of these tricks, because this craft is fairly intuitive (though brilliant!). Then, when I went back and re-read the tutorial for this post to see how closely we followed it, I was like, "Ohhhhhh....yeah, I've got nothin' to add."

Do mine look like the picture? Yep! Especially the ones we did with super-fine glitter, which again...I would've known if my reading of the instructions had been fresh.

Bottom Line = Super easy, super cheap if you already have clear bulbs you want to personalize, and they look store-bought! Totally worth it, and yes...there was very minimal mess. Give it a try! If nothing else, you'll learn a cool method for glittering things in the future.


  1. Cool, I'll have to check out that tutorial, the ornaments turned out great! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  2. Great idea.I am visiting you via Somewhat Simple. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas. Happy Holidays. Anu


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