Thursday, April 16, 2015

DIY Napkin Rings

diy napkin rings

Hey there, party people! How are ya? Today I want to show off my latest project: how to make napkin rings out of shrinky dink plastic! I used to love Shrinky Dinks when I was little, so when I saw blank sheets of this stuff at Jo-Ann's the other day, I got really excited. Like, I'm-kinda-a-freak-excited. Now, the stuff they had in the store was not ink-jet friendly, and I knew I wanted to print out images, so I went online and found exactly what I needed. (Check out "Stuff You Need" below for the link!)

The full instructions and some helpful tips are detailed over on my article but basically, I downloaded the butterfly clip art from The Graphics Fairy, and the ikat paper from Etsy, printed it onto my inkjet-friendly shrink plastic, cut out the shapes, and baked them! Here are some pretty pictures of how they turned out. (I made two different kinds: butterfly napkin rings and cuff napkin rings.)

butterfly napkin rings

diy butterfly napkin ring
pretty spring table with diy napkin rings

diy ikat napkin ring

green ikat napkin ring

table setting with ikat napkin rings
Make sure to get all the details here because there were some things I learned the hard way.

how to make shrinky dink napkin rings
How to Make Napkin Rings from Shrink Plastic

And everything you need to make them (other than an oven) can be found below:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Transform a Builder-Grade Home with Trim

One of my all-time most popular posts is this one: 10 Ways to Add Class to a Builder-Grade Home. I wrote it because, well, we live in a builder-grade home and when we moved in, boy, did we need to add some personality to it. I called it the beige box. Five years later, and we've come a long way to classin' up the joint. Here's our latest addition:

We followed the basic instructions from A Charming Nest that I linked to in my original post, and adding a door casing to the opening between our dining room and family room. I can't even believe the world of difference it made! Check it out! Here's what that opening looked like (during the tear-out phase of our reno...we're much further along now, but it's the only "before" picture I could find):

And here's the new door casing:

Here's the original post if you haven't seen it.

10 Ways to Add Class to a Builder-Grade Home

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Lazy Susan Coffee Station

Hey, hello, how are ya? I finished up a couple of projects in our never-ending kitchen reno this weekend and boy, does it feel good to check stuff off the list. First off, I finally got around to organizing our coffee supplies in one corner of our counter by upcycling an old lazy susan. I made a coffee station on top of the lazy susan and put it next to our Keurig so everything would be nice and handy. Oh, and I used an old mug tree I bought for a buck at a sidewalk sale, too.

All I did to make it look cohesive is spray paint both the lazy susan and the mug tree with white spray paint, then I decoupaged a piece of decorative paper the same color as our turquoise coffee mugs to the top of the lazy susan using Mod Podge. I added my cow creamer and a sugar packet holder for tea bags and voila! I love that I can spin the lazy susan to access mugs hanging on the back of the mug tree.

For more ways to upcycle a lazy susan, check out this post:

6 Things to Make With a Lazy Susan

Have a great day!
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